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The Outsider Inside

This is about self-representation. Who’s out of the closet, as it were? It seems that I know quite a few Pagans who nonchalantly wear their pentagrams or Mjolnirs on the daily. At events there’s usually the disclaimer to “let us … Continue reading

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Response to Sam Webster, part the Last (and Longest)

Sam and I briefly discussed the danger of doctrinalism in Paganism, and the undesirable potential for modern Pagans to go the way of the ancient Christians–that is, from a massively diverse group of theologies and practices with some, however tenuous, … Continue reading

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Response to Sam Webster, 2

There are some good points in Sam’s position. Christians have privilege in our society. Contrary to the rantings of Pat Robertson and Friends, Christians in the United States rarely have to worry about losing or missing out on employment because … Continue reading

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Pagan Conference cont.

Crystal Blanton’s presentation was stunning. Not all of the ideas were new to me, and some of the things she said, for instance about compartmentalizing personality, code switching, and different definitions of “safety” for a member of an oppressed class, … Continue reading

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